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Top Banana Top Banana
Earned for qualifying for the playoffs as #1 seed in your division.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (15)

PlayerDate Earned
Jesse Williford12/02/2019
Chris Tilley08/26/2019
Kyle Felling12/03/2018
Larry Peyton12/03/2018
Phillip Arnold06/04/2018
Dalton Perry03/19/2018
James Veverka03/19/2018
Will Smith12/18/2017
Scott Mitchell12/18/2017
Paige Ilsley03/06/2017
Will Hoffmann03/06/2017
Josh Noble11/21/2016
Nathan Goett11/21/2016
Adam McKinnie08/16/2016
Austin Ilsley08/16/2016