Columbia Pinball League
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Earned for winning a game with less than 20% of the league average score.

Introduced 01/01/2012

Players With This Badge (21)

PlayerDate Earned
James Veverka03/09/2020
Greg Bryant03/09/2020
Phil O'Neal10/07/2019
Matt Schuchard07/29/2019
Chris Tilley07/22/2019
Joe Fulca07/08/2019
Rodney Viessman04/22/2019
Will Smith01/21/2019
Larry Peyton08/27/2018
Trey George07/23/2018
Carissa King05/21/2018
Dalton Perry12/18/2017
Emmie Harcourt10/23/2017
Jake Gaskill09/11/2017
Dan Goett05/15/2017
Kyle Felling04/17/2017
Paige Ilsley03/06/2017
Michelle Lamb02/27/2017
Stevie Ray02/13/2017
Mikey Lynch01/30/2017
Will Hoffmann10/10/2016